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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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earlier today in san jose, drenching rainfall as well. in sonoma, it was hail. in the sierra, some ski resorts are expecting more than a foot of snow. we have reporters all across the bay area and in the sierra as well. we begin with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri spearheading our team coverage. jeff, it's a good storm. >> it's a strong and significant storm heading through november. you can see the doppler radar. a lot of the activity is pushing towards the south. the number one spot this afternoon that got hit and hard with the hail, lightning and thunder, was contra costa, alameda counties. we zoom in on the corridor. this is getting pummeled about 45 minutes ago. right now a few spotty showers. walnut creek, down to san ramon. the worse is to the east of livermore as you get to the altamont pass, a notoriously windy location. if you're headed towards tracy, at least the next 30 to 45
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minutes, be on the lookout for stray lightning strikes and heaviest rainfall. you're seeing tall clouds building up in east san jose. this rainfall is now moving away from you after what was a very wild morning. the spot that needed it the most had some of the heaviest rainfall. san jose, one of the reporting sites, over an inch h sunny veil, .85. this is the most rainfall in seven months for most of the south bay. check this out. our record rain is .19 of an inch. we scored 1.22 in downtown, shattering that old record. >> good numbers for us. one of the big concerns for the season. how much snow will we get in the sierra. tonight, plenty. it snowed actually all day in the mountains. skiers and snowboarders watching intently. a few resorts will open later this week.
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let's bring in pete from borial ridge. you have the coldest but most beautiful assignment of the night. >> reporter: the snow is starting to come town. i want to show you what we have here. look at all the snow. you're seeing it as i trudge through it. it's even covering up this car. there was no snow earlier. we're expecting 12 inches in the sierra nevada. this snow as my hands get numb, this is what everyone is excited about in the area. >> for snow fans, the taste of victory. >> it's pretty good. like a good base that sticks. >> in the case of wendy driving back from a family trip to reno, it's pretty cool. >> it's beautiful. yeah. a lot of snow. and cold. >> the snow is coming down in the sierra nevada. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning fosh the region, projecting 6 to 19 inches of new snow. with the snow levels dropping as low as 5,000 feet this evening,
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locals say every flake is a reason to get excited. especially for ski resorts, who plan to fire up the ski lifts and snow machines. they're already hoping for a big weekend. >> there's a lot of excitement. this is the first snow we've had of the winter. 4 to 6 inches this morning. more this afternoon. >> the ski lifts will be up and running by the end of the week. for now, wendy and her kids will setting for the indoor skate park at the resort. she's not complaining. >> we can enjoy the snow and the views and they can enjoy indoors. >> the excitement is picking it up here. taking a look at the roads from the borial resort and they're recommending you be cautious on the slick roads. pete certificate at owes, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you. from the snow to hail. hail blanketing the roads and sidewalks. looks like snow here. the hail mixed in with some rain and thunder as well.
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the storm is a bit different than most. usually santa clara county gets less rain than other bay area counties. not this time. you saw it on the roads this morning. coming down heavy. the south bay saw some of the biggest rain totals from today's storms with more than an inch of run. chuck coppola is live for us. certainly a good amount of rain that had an impact on the reservoirs as well. >> reporter: jess, they're calling it a good start. that's according to water officials here. at the reservoir behind me, it's very small but also kept very full. still, this reservoir rose for ten straight hours. a week's worth of storms to create measurable runoff into the county's largest reservoirs. but at this reservoir, even one moderate rain can make a difference. before the storm, the reservoir, the smallest in the santa clara
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county water district was at 73% capacity. after the storm, it rose to 83%. >> yeah. it's running real good. one rainfall. we need a lot more than one. >> reporter: overall, there was a third of the sforj capacity it needs. it provides only 20% of the water used by 2 million customers. the largest share, 80%, comes from the sierra snow pack. on the peninsula, the storm turned out the lights at college park elementary school. parents were notified via twitter, facebook and e-mail to pick up their children. >> this was an excellent test. the good news, it wasn't a true emergency. we were able to work on our system. i think it worked perfectly. the principal called me and at 10:00, we sent out the robo call automatic dialer to every parent aught the school saying please come and get your child.
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>> it also gave parents a reminder to plan for the next time the power goes out in a storm. >> does your family have a contingency plan? >> no. we probably should. not really. >> reporter: in all, 650 children were picked up by their parents or in some cases their grandparents. most by 11:00 a.m. because of repeated power outages that the headquarters of the school district, the district allocated money for an emergency generator in case of future power outages. live in los gatos, i'm chuck coppola. >> would not be a bad idea. you can get updates. download the nbc bay area app. you can click on the weather tab. we're following breaking news right now. a mess on i-80 at this hour. these are some live pictures now. our nbc bay area chopper just arriving on the scene.
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if you can make it down below, two westbound lanes of i-80 in san pablo are closed right now. police are investigating a shooting. this is in the heart of rush hour. it is causing a traffic mess. here's what we know. a shooting on or near the freeway. again, this is in san pablo after i-80. no word on when 80 will reopen. the two lanes that have been closed. but you can expect serious delays through the night. we'll keep updating the story and the traffic in this area throughout the hour. we also have new details in a deadly weekend car crash. there are questions now about the driver. the teenage passengers were killed in this accident. the driver remains in critical condition. a community is in mourning because of all this. especially for the students at college park high school in pleasant hill. today the students returned to school struggling to process what happened. two classmates died and the teenager behind the wheel remains in john muir medical
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center. we're in walnut creek. still emotional. two young girls killed and the investigation into this driver. >> reporter: it is absolutely tragic. the driver was transported to the hospital here behind me shortly after the crash being treated for serious injuries. but the chp did get a chance to talk to the 16-year-old who told them she was going about 60 miles an hour when she fell asleep behind the wheel. we've also learned that she should not have been driving in the first place. >> on this monday morning, it's a lot to take in. >> it happened so fast, you know. then sometimes you kind forget about it and you think you're going to see them again. >> grief counselors have been on hand to help students and staff at college park high school in pleasant hill come to terms with losing two of their classmates. >> both the staff and the kids are basically in mourning. kids will walk down the hallway and they'll start crying.
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>> reporter: they were involved in a fatal wreck early sunday morning. twot passengers, 16-year-old marlene a hem and lauren smith, both from martinez died at the scene. >> it was shocking. >> the name of the driver, also pictured has not been released because authorities say they are still deciding if she will face charges. she's said to be in critical condition. >> it's just a lot of rumors. everybody is like oh, this happened, this happened. there's so many different realities. you don't really know the true story. >> chp says it's unclear if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. but do say the driver had a provisional license which means she should not have been driving between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. the crash happened at 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. >> it could be any of our kids. you just want the best for them. i just pray for them. >> reporter: chp hopes that this
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tragic event causes parents to talk to their kids about safe driving. they offer a free two-hour program to help facilitate the -- ee leash kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you elise. a chemical leak at a hospital. people are recovering. an mri compressor -- at the there was a leak that exposed people to a chemical sometimes used to extinguish fires. the three were in a mobile trailer used for the mri scans. they're being treated for minor injuries at this point. it was likely a molotov cocktail drive-by. we're learning about that arson that badly damaged a home halloween night. they say an incendiary device definitely started the fire. someone drove by, threw something at the home on west linda mesa avenue and sped away.
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the fire caused more than $200,000 worth of damage. luckily, no one was hurt. police have yet to make an arrest in this case. another blow for 49ers fans. late today a star player traded away. the 49ers send vernon davis to the denver broncos and there could be more trades to come. davis, as you know, has been with the niners for ten years, been to two pro bowls. we've gotten to know him on and off the field very well. he's been a big part of the franchise. geraud joins us with more. a lot of reading between the lines here. >> a lot of variables x raj. his age, 31 years old part of it. locker room dysfunction and the nfl trade deadline all contributors to the 49ers' decision to trade ten-year tight end vernon davis to the broncos this afternoon. he head to denver as part of
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peyton manning's passing game for a sixth round pick. in return, the broncos receive the tight end who only caught 18 passes this season with no touchdowns and a 2017, sixth round selection. here's matt maiocco with more. >> the 49ers decision to trade vernon davis shows they are sellers at the deadline. it took such a big hit last season, this roster. in return the 49ers get some draft picks. the rosters depleted and they have to rebuild it through the draft. >> general manager john elway called the deal for davis an opportunity we couldn't pass up. more on the career of vernon davis later in sports. geraud moncure, bay area news. the potential kidnapper. i'm michelle robinson in
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berkeley. there's debate tonight on this. plus, rain means slick road across the bay area. lots of car crashes, but it's not all bad news. the rain's impact on reservoirs in the north bay coming up. new at six -- they're watching.
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berkeley police have installed a license plate tracker at a local school -- where's there's been attempted kidnappings. but is this going too far? ==map== there have been v berkeley police installed a license tracker at a local
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school where there's been attempted kidnappings. is this going too far? this is near willard middle school. michelle roberts is on telegraph avenue this evening. michelle, the plate reader sparking an intense debate where you are. >> reporter: it is. a lot of parents say if it helps find the suspect, it's great. others don't want the police department to know when they pass the spot. here's how it works when people pass by. it shows their speed and also takes a picture of their license plate. >> this mafrn walks his daughter to and from school every day. >> when you're talking about the safety and health of your children, you can't go too far. >> this is parked outside the front gate of the middle school. not only is the device a speed tracker reminding you to slow down. it's collecting data on each vehicle that passes.
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storing license plates in the system. >> it's invasive to other drivers. the broader picture is definitely worth it. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. this person calls it an unnecessary invasion of privacy. >> take the information. i don't everyone knows where i go. >> reporter: many parents hope the technology help the police find the man who has tried to kidnap children. in each case, the man tried to lure girls into his dark colored van. he's described as a hispanic man in his late 20s or 30s with facial hair. they hope it deters him from coming back. >> either that car meter or parents are going to be able to identify him. >> reporter: they didn't say how long the information will be stored in the system. only saying they're following
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the department policy. the tracker is on loan from another agency so they're not saying how long it will be here at this location. reporting live in berkeley tonight, michelle roberts, bay area news. thank you, michelle. speed and rain not a good combination this morning. a big rig driver lost control of his truck around 2:30 in the morning, hit a car and rolled the trailer full of frozen chickens. traffic was tied up all morning and into the afternoon as well. the rain being blamed for a crash that snarled marin county commute: nbc bay area's mark matthews says why rain was a blessing and a curse today. >> this cell phone video of the crash shows the aftermath. a ten-car pileup inside the tunnel followed by another crash just as the morning rush hour was peaking. the roads have oil on them. it makes it slicker. >> chp officer says it could
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have been avoided if people put a little distance between themselves and if they'd stuck to the 55 mile an hour speed limit instead of their usual. >> never do 75 miles per hour. >> away from the slick roads, the water was more than welcome. >> we actually have above normal storage in our reservoirs. >> the water district reports that their reservoirs are 103% above normal for this date. if the quarter wasn't enough to significantly raise the reservoirs. >> a nice refreshing shower. but nothing more than that. >> it has certainly raised spirits. >> it was nice to hear the rain and smell the rain. >> reporter: the creek is barely moving but it's a start. >> do you think it's the start of something big? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: are big storms coming? >> they say they are. who knows. >> quick reminder to everybody to turn off your sprinklers. it is prohibited to water your
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landscaping within 48 hours of a rainstorm. here in marin county, that's going to be wednesday evening. reporting from marin, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. let's bring in jeff ranieri. nice to see it, jeff? >> yes especially in contra costa and alameda counties where we had the lightning and thunder. the bulk of the storm system is moving to the south and with sunset occurring, we're losing the instability in the atmosphere. definitely not as bumpy as we look at the doppler radar. for good reason here across 680. good news for you. it was coming down hard for you. livermore back to the altamont pass. still heavy rainfall near the tracy triangle. this activity moving from the south and off towards the east. in terms of rainfall totals, i want to show you the top three locations. number one across the santa
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clara valley. check it out. 1.32 cambrian. los gatos, nearly 1.5 inches. that was in 24 hours. contra costa, alameda county. lafayette, .69. nearly an 1.75 inches down here. the same in fremont. how about the peninsula. you saw totals near an inch and just above. that included menlo park, la hon honda. a significant and strong storm this morning. tomorrow's forecast has our weather staying on the cool side. just 70 throughout the tri-valley. 67 in the east bay. back towards san francisco. 64 degrees. raj and jess, i have to say, not only the rainfall here, but the snow across the sierra such a welcome sight. they're expecting 12 to 19 inches by tomorrow morning. >> we might be skiing by the
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weekend. thank you, jeff. at 6:00, beat up behind the wheel. have you seen this? what triggered this attack on an uber driver and what this driver finally did to stop it. plus, flight to fancy. the new time frame to begin deliveries via drone. his days driving for uber are
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over. a southern california man is glad he equipped his car with a "dashboard camera -- and his days driving for uber is over. he's glad he equipped his car with a camera and mace.
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>> get out of my car, i will call the police. >> watch. this was eduardo owe of orange county being attacked by what he calls a belligerent passenger. he fought back with mace. >> i wanted to make sure he didn't get away. i have lost so much money on people like him. i'm just done dealing with it. >> the man says the attack started after he refused to continue the ride. the unruly passenger was arrested for assault. the man says for now his driving days are over. silicon valley may be one of the wealthiest areas in the nation. but did you know -- political analyst larry gerts en is here. what's with the money issue? >> another story for the moment. let's look at the numbers here. in 2015, tech leaders and venture capitalists contributed
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less than $7 million to the presidential campaigns. almost half, half of that amount, $3 million has come from one donor. that's oracle ceo larry ellison to a super pac supporting marco rubio. a superfund for jeb bush received almost $2 million with the rest divided among about a dozen or so candidate. there you have it. >> has the tech industry been reluctant to pull out its wallet? >> another story. in 2012, the valley tech industry gave close to $30 million with 2/3 of that to barack obama. of course, the presidential election is about a year away. but still, you know, in the era of super pacs, really? the tech industry, well it remains quiet. >> what are your theories on why this is happening at this point? >> for years, the tech industry has been seeking attention from the federal government a number of issues.
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specifically tech issues to lobby for immigration reform, particularly as it relates to the visa. a permanent research and development tax credit to help with long-term planning and cyber security to protect hardware and software. yet few of these and other issues for that matter have been addressed by the leaders in washington. so you put it together, it may be, jessica, that these big donors are going to wait, wait until -- identified the candidate or candidates who will work on their behalf. in the meantime, some of the big bucks around here are likely to sit the sidelines until and unless valley tech leaders believe that the candidates are thinking about them as much as they seem to be thinking about others. >> so they need to winnow it down a little bit. thank you, larry. >> children are abused and it's hidden. >> when foster children cry out for help, sometimes no one picks
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up the phone. tonight we investigate a county agency and question them about thousands of abuse reports that go unanswered and you'll hear from the mother of a toddler who nearly died. also breaking up is hard to do. can they do it? this is the first day of hewlett-packard as two companies. we'll tell you about the challenges ahead.
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foster childn.
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she is angry. a mother says the people in charge of protecting foster children left her 4-year-old daughter in the hands of abusers. >> she also says when she tried to report her daughter's injuries, she was ignored. investigative reporter vicky nguyen joins us with a deeper issue here. a history of concerns at this local agency. >> yes. we're talking about the last two years. that's how long the department of social services knew about shortcomings. they're laid out in a comprehensive audit. until now, few of us knew what it was like for the children suffering from abuse and the care-givers who tried to get help. we want to warn you, some of the content in this story is very difficult to see. but we are showing you what social workers are accused of ignoring. >> bite marks. >> shocking her. >> they are the pictures no mother wants to take.
6:32 pm
images of unspeakable cruelty to her daughter. a 4-year-old girl. >> as a mom, did you think something was wrong? >> yes. >> we're calling her anna to protect her identity. she lost custody of her five children in 2013 after their father was accused of physically abusing the children. she says and police records confirm the little girl suffered abuse in her foster home. bitten, burned and beaten. all captured in photographs taken by anna. >> more than 100 pictures. >> you have more than 100 photos? . anna says for months, her reports of abuse were ignored. when she tried to show the photos to the social workers in charge, she was turned away. >> what did she do? >> she show me her hand. she don't want to see it. i can't believe it happened to
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her. >> anna's experience provides a rare view into serious problems at the department much social services. this audit reveals that the department's failure to answer more than 7,000 calls annually result in abused and neglected children remaining in dangerous homes. the audit found workers directly answer only about 59% of calls made to the center. hundreds of callers hold for an average of 20 minutes to more than an hour. >> those are literally cries for help. >> he's the president of the santa clara board of supervisors. he chaired the committee that ordered the audit. >> will you be tough on the leaders of the agencies? >> absolutely. one of the things that's important, i think, for elected officials to do is to make sure that we do hold people's feet to the fire. >> according to a civil grand jury report, as of april 2015, 11% of calls still remain
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unanswered and unlike nearby san mateo and alameda counties, santa clara county does not make more than one attempt to respond to voice mail and has no policy to respond to abandoned calls. >> to us, it's like being a fire or police station. you answer those calls. >> the nonprofit receives 38,000 hotline calls a year. that's 12,000 more than santa clara county. after the audit came out, harr lynn said her staff of four employees answered every call. >> the call isn't answered, will that neighbor report again? probably not. >> just wanted to update you. >> dsf hired more workers to staff the hotline. but at a meeting earlier this month, the director said there are currently 50 social worker vacancies. he admitted case loads are high. >> it has gotten into the higher 20s. that's obviously of great concern to us. >> we have a high case load.
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it can be very challenging to make sure you're spotting the things you should be spotting. >> the associate and legal director of the california branch much casa. they train and match volunteers with foster kids so they have a long-term advocate. out of the 62,000 in the state, only 11,000 have an advocate. >> abuses in foster care are horrific. we know there's evil in the world. people are going to abuse children. once we discover it, what do we do? >> what has happened to her, she will never get over it. >> this is anna's attorney. >> they had criminal records. >> in addition to ignoring abuse reports, the county also failed to screen the foster home where it sent anna's daughter. they placed the care in the care of her 21-year-old half sister. crystal. seen here in photos posted on facebook. the father of both girls, was under a criminal protective order.
6:36 pm
he was only allowed to see his daughter during supervised visits but jerry sr. had direct access to the home. >> they had a history of violence. to place this child in this home without first checking. >> crystal faces felony child abuse and torture. accused of inflicting these wounds on her little sister. if convicted, she faces life in prison. her father, brother and mother all face felony child abuse charges. all have pleaded not guilty and all declined to speak with us. anna's daughter was finally rescued. the doctor concluded she was a severely battered child and could have died from blood loss. >> they almost kill her. >> meanwhile, the county refuses to discuss any changes in its response to abuse reports or how the agency screens foster homes. >> how quickly would you like your abuse reports to be resolved? >> should the social worker get
6:37 pm
the complaint about abuse, what should they do? >> later, the director declined to talk. lauren medina, the director of children and family services. she declined to provide any information. >> why do you think they won't answer basic questions about the audit and what they've done to improve since that time? >> i can't answer for others. i will certainly ask them those questions. >> do you trust social services? >> no. >> anna is now suing santa clara county. she's sharing her story because she fears other children may be suffering from a system that ignores reports of abuse. for her daughter, it was almost too late. >> what is your hope moving forward? >> i love so much my kids. sometimes i wish they'll come back. >> that little girl is now in the care of a new foster family and reportedly thriving.
6:38 pm
the department much social services is expected to update on how it's responding to abuse reports. it's scheduled for november 23rd. it's at 2:00 p.m. it's a public meeting. that's at county chambers for anyone who wants to go. we'll be will there. >> does the mother have any chance much getting her back? >> that's what she's hoping for. >> we hope that happens. thank you, vicky. >> if you have a tip for vicky nguyen. call 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the you knit at crabs in danger. the muck in the bay area causing concern for fishermen and what it means for the start of the local crab season. vw in more hot water. the new cheating accusations that could leave millions of more drivers fuming at volkswagen. one of the most high profile
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local trials in recent memory -- has begun. raymond shrimp-boy chow is back in the high-profile trial in memory has begun. he's back in the headlines. jury selection began today. opening statements scheduled for next week. he's accused of orchestrating the murder of a rival gang leader back in 2006. a federal agents arrested chow last year with nearly 30 other people, including former state senator, leland yee. yee pleaded guilty to lesser charges. google is about to fly in. the long rumored drone delivery system, called project wing, has an estimated launch date. google x plans to start delivering packages sometime in 2017. project wing will have competition, especially from amazon and walmart which
6:42 pm
recently asked the faa for permission to test its own drones. the emissions cheating scandal involving volkswagen is growing. now investigators say that volkswagen built software on 2014 to 2016 cars with six cylinder diesel engines. company previously admitted to cheating with 4 cylinder diesel models. the software has a timer to allow the car to perform differently when being tested. volkswagen is denying the new allegations as well. a toxic algae bloom may delay the start of crab season. it's spread across the pay area and the west coast. it contains a toxin. crabs are being tested for the toxin which can cause memory loss, seizures and in some cases death. the test results are expected no later than this week.
6:43 pm
noaa says unusually warm water in the pacific may be to blame for the toxic algae. >> it all comes back to the warm temperatures. jeff ranieri is here. we're going to see green lawns maybe this week. >> this was great to hear the rainfall. i was probably up like a lot of you just saying, yes. so good for the yard out there. the lawns, the reservoirs. the live look through san francisco. crystal clear conditions. we'll talk about another change after the storm that will impact your morning commute coming up in about ten minutes.
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packard's break-up. this was the first trading day since the silicon v a decision from wall street on hewlett-packard's breakup. this was the first trading day sips it broke into two companies. scott budman explains what it means for you and me, scott.
6:46 pm
>> the split is now in effect taking one. oldest companies in silicon valley into a new direction. the company officially splitting into two. there are now two hps, two logos. the signs have been changed in palo alto and everything is changing as hp splits into separate companies. one hp, inc., making personal computers and printers and hewlett-packard enterprise. the biggest split in tech company history, now the hard part. to convince customers to buy now that the long struggling company has changed. >> i do think if markets shrink and they can't go together to create great solutions, they'll lose customers and have more layoffs. >> it also changes things for hp investors and there are this a lot of those in the bay area. two separate companies trading on the stock exchange with two
6:47 pm
separate stock sim boms. this move as they're planning another round of layoffs in the year to come. hp inc., boosted shares of that company by 12% today. back to you. scott, thank you. that impacts a lot of people in the bay area. happening right now, the rain has triggered mudslides in livermore. this is paterson pass road. this video shot a few minutes ago. we're also learning another road has been partially blocked by mud as well. >> terry mcsweeney is on site and will be updating on twitter and facebook. he'll have more on the mud in the 11:00 newscast. >> that's not far from the livermore labs. we'll have more later. how long can we expect to continue to see this rain? >> i think we've seen the worst of it move out. that's the great news, especially across contra costa
6:48 pm
alameda counties. from concord to orinda and danville and pleasanton, had hail and lightning and thunder. the storm system is pushing off to the south and the east. what we're left with right now is a few spotty showers on the 680 corridor on the east bay and the peninsula, it's all about san francisco, the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge with spotty showers. we've had so much rain in 24 hours, even a little bit of light lane will make it extremely slick. take it slow. we've had a lot of accidents reported by chp today. even though it's not coming down heavy, a little bit adds up. here's how much it added up to in 24 hours. los gatos, 1.55. livermore, 1.36. san jose, nearly 1.22 and lafayette, over 1 inch as well. the current thing we're tracking, a lot of you experienced it with not only the rainfall but the colder temperatures. now that the storm is moving out, the chilly air settling
6:49 pm
back behind it. check out. 59 in the south bay right now. 54 in east bay. north bay at 53 degrees. this is typically what we've been used to, to wake up to for the morning temperatures. so you know that this cold at 6:49, it's going to get down right cold tomorrow. so get the jackets out. we're looking at an average of 40s. east bay, 43 degrees. and for the south bay, down to 47. the rain moves out, the cold air settles in. speaking of that rainfall, today it was 271 days since we've seen anything like this in san jose. so definitely remarkable. that storm system, once again, moves off to the east tomorrow. the chilly air sets back in behind it. as the colder air arrives, windy conditions tomorrow as well. 20 miles per hour. it will be sunny but a little bit of that nuisance in the atmosphere because it will be
6:50 pm
colder than we're used to lately. we'll see this dry weather stay into the upcoming weekend forecast. let's take you to the micro climate throughout tuesday. you can see the chill we're talking about. san jose, only 69 degrees. for the peninsula, palo alto, also upper 60s. san francisco in the 60s as well. north bay, east bay, tri-valley, danville at 70. the east bay, at 72 degrees in walnut creek. once again, for the weekend forecast, it stays dry and mild. temperatures will warm up a few degrees. not expecting any rainfall in the sext forecast. raj and jess, i know people are anxious about the next possibility of rainfall. it looks november 15th through the 18th. maybe one, possibly two storms abdomen potentially a half inch of rainfall. thanks, jeff. after losing six of the last seven games are the 49ers ready to throw in the towel?
6:51 pm
more on the vernon davis trade. we'll learn more after this.
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6:53 pm
with the 6th choice in the 2006 nfl draft, san francisco 49ers select vernon davis, tight end, university of maryland. >> an emotional vernon davis back in 2006 on the day he became a 49er. geraud moncure in the comcast sportsnet studios.
6:54 pm
after 9.5 seasons, 450 career catches with 62 touchdowns, the davis niners marriage came to an end today. the 31-year-old tight end, a fan favorite and pillar in the community, now a member of the denver broncos. he was traded along with a 2017 sixth round pick for sixth round selections in 2016 and 2017. he finishes his 49ers career as a two-time pro bowler. despite six catches an the loss at st. louis, it's no secret that davis and colin kaepernick have not been seeing eye to eye this season. cap struggled again, completing 20 of 41 passes, converting only 3 of 17 third downs and not leading the offense to a touchdown. a change at quarterback could be on the way. >> our decision on who your starting quarterback will be on sunday? >> we're evaluating everything right now. we're in the middle of it right
6:55 pm
now. i don't have any comments on any position on our field right now. >> in the past, you've stated quite clearly colin is our quarterback. >> we're evaluating everyone. >> seems like every matchup for the warriors this season is another test in defending last year's success. tonight is no different. they've been able to win twice without andrew bogut, hurt in the opener. but tonight the grizzlies head into town with zack randolph and marc gasol. the big man dealing with concussion symptoms. memphis is one much four teams to win in oracle last season. the story at 11:00. the first ap top 25 poll is out and the cal bears are ranked 14th to start the season. arizona comes in at number 12 and the utah utes start the year two spots behind the bears at 16. finally, check this out. jaylen brown going through the legs on the 360 thoughdown.
6:56 pm
he and oakland's ivan rabb expected to be one of the top twosomes this season showing off high flying skills during a recent rapractice. they open at rice. geraud moncure. nbc bay area sports. experts say we need a lot more rain to get out of the drought. tonight we investigate ways that california can get out of the -- they did it with technology. before we go, one last check with jeff as we go out the door here. everyone is coming in for tomorrow as well. the. >> the big change tomorrow is not rainfall continuing. it will be the cold temperatures down to 41. and south bay, 47. bundle up tomorrow morning. again, going to be chilly. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00.
6:57 pm
have a great evening. >> bye bye. this isn't the bay area. instead, it's israel. >> you have to have a sustainable water system whether you have el ninos or you don't. >> i'm steven stock, we travel halfway around the world to find out what california can learn from israel. >> surviving the drought, tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. we investigate. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community
6:58 pm
and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
brad and angelina's emotional new interview about their marriage and her health. and the pact that her mother made with angie's doctor now on extra. brad and angelina holding hands, revealing why her mother's surgeon became her surgeon. >> we both had a big cry. >> the details she's never shared about her extreme surgeries before she turned 40. >> this is our best and we're going to make the best of it. >> the ex mrs. trump versus the current. >> why one is blasting the other. >> and new photos of blake


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